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Photo of Rayan Madjidi

Rayan Madjidi


Co-Creation Collective Member, Fall 2020 / Youth Council

Rayan Madjidi is an undergraduate at San Francisco State University, pursuing a BA in Visual Communication Design. He is part of the Hopelab Co-Creation Collection, in which he focuses on design research and wants to witness different lenses of people throughout this country. Before entering his junior year of college, he regularly contributed to his school’s LGBT division and freelanced for a Bay Area magazine. He currently acts as a UX/UI intern on the Marketing & Communications team for the XO dating app. Rayan is excited by socially meaningful work at the intersection of human-centered design, evidence-based interventions, and community engagement. Growing up in Torrance, California, Rayan took an interest in design after comparing restaurant logos. He strongly believes in equality for all and medicare for all. He is excited about joining the Hopelab collective because it makes him feel like he has a place he can call home and no one will judge him. “I think I love that I can share a space with so many other unique LGBT designers who want to use their voices to fight social justice!”