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We believe in the promise of adolescence. This critical period of development is where our team harnesses the power of science and design to help young people move toward a promising future. As troubling trends in teen health and well-being continue to emerge, we are confident that these health challenges facing young people can be addressed through the transformative power of positive motivation to create and support behavior change.

We believe in using the power of science and design as an opportunity to discover, develop, and promote adolescent well-being, resilience, and flourishing.

Our first product, Re-Mission, helped us understand the link between behavioral science and physical health. Now, we continue to co-create with young people, work in partnership with other mission-aligned organizations, and create innovative and empathetically designed solutions proven to impact the lives of young people.

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Nod offers higher education leaders a research-backed tool they can confidently share with students, knowing it addresses two critical threats to student mental health: loneliness and depression.

Goal Mama

The Goal Mama app helps first-time moms better-set goals, track progress, and celebrate success.


An award-winning chatbot designed to support mental well-being in young people during the challenging period after cancer treatment.

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We bring together hopeful, smart, and diverse team members to realize our mission of improved health, happiness, and well-being for young people. We strive to combine the inspiration of hope with the rigors of science every day.

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