Advancing solutions that support, affirm, and empower young people

Hopelab is a social innovation lab and impact investor at the intersection of tech and youth mental health.

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How We Do It

A diverse group of people having fun looking at a cell phone.

Hopelab Ventures is a social impact investor committed to advancing mental health and well-being outcomes for young people.

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Hopelab Studio works with partners to co-create mental health products and services for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth.

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Hopelab Discovery accelerates collaborations with academics, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to advance science-driven tech solutions for youth mental health.

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A group of four young women stand posed on steps wearing jeans and hats

We’re exploring opportunities to deepen the ways we engage youth in our work and across the ecosystem to improve mental health outcomes.

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Exploring equity-centered design thinking with the Eidos Summer Institute in support of LGBTQ+ health equity.

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Supporting youth mental health in an era of global climate change.

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Hopelab talks to the National Scientific Council on Adolescence to understand opportunity areas afforded by social tech, and how we translate knowledge to action.

News & Announcements

Fast company logo with we made the list innovation by design 2023

imi guide recognized in Social Justice and Small Business Categories of 2023 Innovation by Design Awards from Fast Company.

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Hopelab announces its first cohort of 26 youth and intergenerationally-led organizations advocating for responsible technology.

In response to the impact of the opioid epidemic, Hopelab has diversified its investment portfolio to include DynamiCare and YourPath, digital health organizations treating substance use disorders.

Trace app logo

Hopelab announces investment in TRACE; sees potential to achieve positive impact at scale as it begins to design and implementation of the app for youth seeking gender-affirming resources.