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Hopelab is a social innovation lab and impact investor at the intersection of tech and youth mental health.

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Getting Help Online

This study looks at how teens and young people are embracing online mental health tools — from social media to therapy and mental health apps — as resources for seeking support and managing their own mental health and well-being.

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A Double-edged Sword: How Diverse Communities of young people think about the multifaceted relationship between social media and mental health

The third installment of a national survey developed by Hopelab and Common Sense Media, and conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, shows that while social media continues to pose risks, it also plays a beneficial role in supporting the mental health and well-being of young people — especially those from marginalized communities.

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This study examines generative AI use by race and ethnicity, age, gender, and LGBTQ+ identity and shares a nuanced understanding of how different demographic groups perceive and interact with generative AI technologies. Young people were directly involved in the creation of survey topics and questions and the interpretation of results.

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Social media is fully ingrained in young people’s everyday lives, shaping how they connect, communicate, learn, and interact with the world. Although concerns about the adverse effects of social media on young people are widespread, it is crucial to acknowledge the benefits it can offer as well.

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2024 Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards

Behavioral Health Tech, Hopelab, Pivotal Ventures, Resonance Philanthropies, and Manatt are thrilled to co-present the 2024 Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards. We believe young people are having an incredible impact and have the potential to do even more! We want to spotlight these individuals and amplify their ideas, voices, and influence.

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The Fellowship is designed for research faculty and career researchers who are ready to translate adolescent development and well-being expertise into meaningful applications that benefit young Black people.

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InStride raises $30 million in Series B funding to support increased access to specialty outpatient care for pediatric anxiety and OCD

Meet the 30 Young Innovators

Meet the 30 winners of the Inaugural Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards Program

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responsible tech

Applications are now open for $2.5M of grants for youth and intergenerationally-led 501(c)(3) organizations working in the responsible tech space on topics like AI, mental health and well-being, and climate change.

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Guest author, José Caballero shares a personal story about self-discovery, queer identity, his experience with social media.

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Part of the philanthropic sector’s commitment to equity must include tackling the impact of generations of systemic inequality and underfunding. We must remain steadfast when institutional and political forces try to scare us into backing away, not just during moments of heightened awareness around racial justice.

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Federal and state leaders must take a more nuanced and evidence-based approach to policies that support young people. The window to act is upon us.