2024 Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards


YIBH recognizes emerging leaders in the field and helps them bring their ideas and influence to the fore.


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About YIBH

Young people are making major contributions to addressing challenges in their generation’s well-being, but often, their innovation and activism are overshadowed by stories of the youth mental health crisis.

Behavioral Health Tech, Hopelab, Pivotal Ventures, Resonance Philanthropies, and Manatt are thrilled to co-present the 2024 Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards. We believe young people are having an incredible impact and have the potential to do even more! We want to spotlight these individuals and amplify their ideas, voices, and influence.

This award will recognize emerging leaders in the field, help them bring their ideas and influence to the fore, and offer them access to resources and support. Awardees will receive a cash prize and be invited to participate in the Behavioral Health Tech conference (Phoenix, Arizona) on November 5-7, where they will be honored on stage in front of industry leaders from healthcare, digital health, investment, and policy fields. Recognition will also extend to features on behavioralhealthtech.com and through our media partners.

Who should be nominated?

  • Profile

    Early career, university students, or emerging behavioral health* leaders who are forging a path to mental and emotional well-being and thriving for young people in the U.S.

    * Behavioral health may include the fields of mental health, well-being, wellness, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities.

  • Location

    Must be based in the United States.

  • Age

    Nominees should be between the ages of 18 and 29 when nominated for the award.

Awards categories

Six categories

These categories are intended to highlight the diverse contributions across fields of behavioral health.

Category selection

Nominees may fit into more than one award category.

Arts and Activism

Recognize artists, culture workers, and organizers who use creative expression to advocate for change and justice in behavioral health.

Media and Influencers

Recognize journalists, influencers, and other content creators who leverage their media platforms to shape public discourse on behavioral health topics.


Recognize innovators and entrepreneurs who transform ideas into successful ventures or non-profits.

Tech and Innovation

Recognize pioneers who leverage technology to push boundaries and create digital solutions to solve complex behavioral health challenges.

Research and Academia

Recognize researchers, students, and educators who advance evidence-based knowledge in behavioral health and help translate science into solutions.

Clinical Services

Recognize healthcare professionals who provide exemplary care, compassion, and innovation in the delivery of behavioral health care.

Timeline for nominations and selection:

  1. June 18: Nominations close.
  2. June: The screening committee evaluates the eligibility of the award pool.
  3. July: The selection committee (comprised of 2023 awardees) deliberates and finalizes 2024 awardees.
  4. August: Winners notified by email.
  5. November 5-7: Winners honored on stage at the Behavioral Health Tech conference in Arizona.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide real-time updates on the status of each nomination. Winners will be notified by email in late August 2024.

If you have questions, please email YIBH@hopelab.org.

2023 young innovators in behavioral health awards

I met amazing and driven young people who I hope to work with in the future for projects. I also met some of my mentors in person for the first time. This was a great opportunity to connect people in the behavioral health space.
2023 award winner Bruny Kenou