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Activating Intergenerational Collaboration to Improve Youth Mental Health

In partnership with Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Hopelab and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation share a deep belief in the power of young people as key leaders in improving youth mental health and well-being and an acknowledgment that many existing structures do not include nor fully honor their knowledge, skills, and experience. In June 2023, Hopelab and the Arthur M. Blank Foundation convened a group of 30 individuals – young leaders, policymakers, and funders alike – to collectively understand the opportunities and challenges for youth mental health. The insights and activism of young people working to create change for youth mental well-being have inspired us. While Hopelab has a long history of engaging youth in research, we see opportunities to deepen the ways we engage youth in our work and across the ecosystem, including:

  1. Creating more pathways for young leaders in addressing challenges and opportunities for youth mental health.
  2. Model intergenerational collaboration as a strategy for addressing these challenges and opportunities.

Hear directly from young people about the importance of youth co-creation in addressing opportunities for youth mental health.

Not Just an Experience, A Path Forward

We remain committed to creating more spaces for young people’s unique experiences and identities. As we continue to explore new models for intergenerational collaboration, we invite you to join us in sharing our collective learnings and explorations.

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