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Four Technology Changemakers to Follow and Support

Young people are the force behind creating more inclusive and equitable systems. Their vision for the future disrupts the status quo. Leveraging their knowledge of technology platforms, this generation of young innovators is addressing social, cultural, political, and environmental issues and shaping a future centered on well-being. We have an opportunity to directly invest in Gen Z changemakers, ensuring that their ideas are appreciated and their visions realized. Here are four young changemakers we’ve had the chance to know from the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund.

Trisha Prabhu, Entrepreneur, Author, and Founder of ReThink

Trisha Prabhu is a rising star in the technology landscape, known for her innovative approaches to addressing societal challenges. Her patented platform, ReThink™ detects and stops online hate and cyberbullying before events occur. Trisha is a passionate advocate for inclusivity, and actively mentors young women of color, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM fields. Even now, as she continues her studies as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in the U.K., she makes time to create TikTok videos on the @AskTrish handle, answering questions and helping spread #InternetPositivity.

Learn more about ReThink™ here, follow Trisha on LinkedIn, or Ask Trish a question on TikTok!

Tazin Khan, Cybersecurity Specialist, Community Organizer, Founder of Cyber Collective

Tazin Khan is a dynamic force in technology and social activism. With a background in computer science and a deep commitment to driving positive change, Tazin is at the forefront of fostering safer and more inclusive online spaces. As an advocate for digital literacy and online safety, she regularly engages with policymakers, tech industry leaders, and grassroots organizations to enable digital safety and promote digital wellness. Tazin believes everyone deserves to know how to protect themselves online. In 2019 she founded Cyber Collective in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of digital protection. Her passion for leveraging technology for social impact has earned her widespread recognition, and she remains dedicated to building a more equitable digital world for all.

Follow Taz on Instagram and learn more about the amazing work of the Cyber Collective and catch her TED Talk.

Natalya McConnell, Organizer, Executive Member of Seattle Student Union

High school senior Natalya McConnell is no stranger to activism. Since age 11, she’s been organizing walk-outs for various causes, including climate change and Black Lives Matter, collecting signatures on petitions, and fighting for gender equity in sports. She’s a founding member of the Seattle Student Union, a student-run organization focused on gun control, COVID safety, adolescent mental health, and climate justice. In November 2022, after gun violence at another Washington-area school took the life of a student, the Seattle Student Union organized a walk-out of thousands of students to protest gun violence, arriving on the steps of Seattle City Hall to voice their demands. Within a few days, the City Council voted to allocate $4 million in additional funding for school mental health counselors.

Follow Seattle Student Union on Instagram and learn more about Natalya here.

Zamaan Qureshi, Activist and Advocate for Safer Social Media, Co-Chair of Design It For Us

Zamaan Qureshi is no stranger to the halls of Congress. As co-chair of the Design It For Us coalition, he calls on policymakers to include young people in conversations that leverage their experiences and expertise when making decisions related to technology. Legislators have taken notice of the political science major. As a policy advisor and head of digital strategy for the Real Facebook Oversight Board, he helped expose Facebook’s data collection on its users and attempts to influence regulation through lobbying efforts. In 2023, President Biden invited Zamaan to the White House event on advancing mental health access and the signing of an executive order on artificial intelligence. Zamaan has also testified in state legislatures like Vermont and Illinois. His work has been featured in outlets such as TIME, MSNBC, The Washington Post, CNN, and Politico.

Follow Design It For Us on LinkedIn and read more about Zamaan’s work in The Washington Post.

Young people are shaking up the status quo and leveraging technology to address how their identities intersect social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. Alongside our funding partners, Hopelab invests in young leaders and ensures they have a seat at the table through programs like the Responsible Youth Power Fund and the Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards. We’re excited to continue forging opportunities for intergenerational collaboration across disciplines and sectors. Do you have a young person you’d like to spotlight? Send us a note.

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