We offer investment and partnership support for founders committed to advancing mental health and well-being outcomes for young people from historically underserved communities.

An investment from Hopelab Ventures is not only financial in nature—in addition to advisory services from the Hopelab staff, our relationships with payers, providers, entrepreneurs, investors, and subject-matter experts offer interdisciplinary resources to support and enhance the capabilities of our portfolio companies with an eye toward maximizing social impact.

Investment Portfolio

Our portfolio of social impact investments addresses a diverse range of challenges facing historically underserved youth. Each of our investees’ founding teams are dedicated to better serving and caring for members of their communities via social impact.

The Team

We are committed to advancing mental health and well-being outcomes for young people with support for both for-profit and nonprofit teams dedicated to scaling impact and social good.

If your organization is aligned with our focus areas, email us with a brief description of the business concept, market need, backgrounds of the founders and management, and how the organization will improve the health and well-being of young people. If you have a non-confidential pitch deck, please include that as well.

Hopelab Ventures News

Hurdle: mental healthcare for invisible barriers.

Hurdle announced today that Hopelab will be joining the Hurdle investor community. The partnership will propel Hurdle’s commitment to support minority youth by applying Hopelab’s model of reverse-engineering health to develop tech-based interventions by identifying the key behavioral and psychological drivers of positive health outcomes.