Our Team

We’ve gathered a team of behavioral scientists, designers, and digital tech experts who are motivated by a spirit of co-creation, open-mindedness, continuous learning, and scientific grounding. Our board members, advisors, interns, young adult advisory council (YAAC), and Hopelab Co-creation Collective (HLC3) guide our mission to make the greatest impact at the largest possible scale.

We strive to combine the inspiration of hope with the rigors of science.

Photo of Margaret Laws
Margaret Laws
President & Chief Executive Officer / Staff
Photo of Dan Cawley
Dan Cawley
Chief Operating Officer / Staff
Photo of Jana Haritatos, Ph.D.
Jana Haritatos, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research / Staff
Photo of Stacey Manley
Stacey Manley
Vice President, Marketing & Communications  / Staff
Photo of Chris McCarthy
Chris McCarthy
Vice President, Strategy & Design / Staff
Photo of Fred Dillon
Fred Dillon
Senior Director, Strategy & Design / Staff
Photo of Danielle Ramo, Ph.D.
Danielle Ramo, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Research / Staff
Photo of Denise Ho
Denise Ho
Director, Design / Staff
Photo of Nathan Jayappa
Nathan Jayappa
Director of Finance / Staff
Photo of Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez
Director, People & Culture / Staff
Photo of Erin Washington Sietstra
Erin Washington Sietstra
Director of External Investments & Special Projects / Staff
Photo of Adriana Allman
Adriana Allman
she/her/hersCo-Creation Collective Member, Fall 2020  / Youth Council
Photo of Aekta Shah Ph.D.
Aekta Shah Ph.D.
Data Science for Good Fellow / Advisors
Photo of Alex Rochlin
Alex Rochlin
Strategy Intern (MBA) / Interns
Photo of Arianna Taboada
Arianna Taboada
Senior Associate, Research / Staff
Photo of Caroline FitzGerald
Caroline FitzGerald
Project Lead, Strategy & Design / Staff
Photo of Cayce Hook Ph.D.
Cayce Hook Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate (temp)  / Staff
Photo of Christopher Lloyd Chang
Christopher Lloyd Chang
Content Strategist (temp) / Staff
Photo of Elisa Sims
Elisa Sims
Accounting Manager / Staff
Photo of Elizabeth Glenewinkel
Elizabeth Glenewinkel
Senior Director, Strategic Innovation  / Advisors
Photo of Emma Bruehlman-Senecal, Ph.D.
Emma Bruehlman-Senecal, Ph.D.
Senior Associate, Research / Staff
Photo of Eric Langshur
Eric Langshur
Board Member / Board
Photo of Grace Greene
Grace Greene
Research Associate / Staff
Photo of Ilya Prokopoff
Ilya Prokopoff
Partner, IDEO  / Advisors
Photo of Iris Banuelos
Iris Banuelos
Executive Assistant to the CEO / Staff
Photo of Janise Chan
Janise Chan
Design Researcher / Staff
Photo of Jeff Alvord
Jeff Alvord
Board Chair / Board
Photo of Jennifer Pfeifer, Ph.D.
Jennifer Pfeifer, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon  / Advisors
Photo of Jilan Powers
Jilan Powers
System Operations Intern / Interns
Photo of Joshua Lavra
Joshua Lavra
Product Lead / Staff
Photo of Judith Moskowitz, Ph.D., MPH
Judith Moskowitz, Ph.D., MPH
Professor of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University  / Advisors
Photo of Kady Barnfield
Kady Barnfield
Graphic Designer / Staff
Photo of Lee Shapiro
Lee Shapiro
Managing Partner, 7wire Ventures / Advisors
Photo of Lillian Tran
Lillian Tran
Design Intern / Interns
Photo of Lionel Ramazzini
Lionel Ramazzini
Senior Designer / Staff
Photo of Maria Santana
Maria Santana
Associate, Marketing & Communications / Staff
Photo of Melina Taylor
Melina Taylor
IT Manager / Staff
Photo of Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH
Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH
Professor of Health Justice, University of Chicago / Advisors
Photo of Mica Le John
Mica Le John
Entrepreneurial Fellow / Advisors
Photo of Michael Penn, MD, Ph.D.
Michael Penn, MD, Ph.D.
Founder & Managing Director, Health Equity Ventures  / Advisors
Photo of Monique Jaquez
Monique Jaquez
Office Manager / Staff
Photo of Pam Omidyar
Pam Omidyar
Founder / Board
Photo of Patricia Merino Price
Patricia Merino Price
Strategy & Design Lead / Staff
Photo of Rayan Madjidi
Rayan Madjidi
he/him/hisCo-Creation Collective Member, Fall 2020  / Youth Council
Photo of Robert R. Morris, Ph.D.
Robert R. Morris, Ph.D.
Entrepreneur in Residence / Advisors
Photo of Robin Hayashi
Robin Hayashi
Design Lead / Staff
Photo of Robin Raskob
Robin Raskob
she/her/hersSenior Manager, Marketing & Communications / Staff
Photo of Ryan Weald
Ryan Weald
Halcyon Health, Head of Engineering / Advisors
Photo of Sam Dinga
Sam Dinga
Co-Creation Collective Member, Fall 2020  / Youth Council
Photo of Sofia Cababa Wood
Sofia Cababa Wood
Design Intern / Interns
Photo of Solome Tibebu
Solome Tibebu
Behavioral Health Technology Strategist  / Advisors
Photo of Stefano Bertozzi, MD. Ph.D.
Stefano Bertozzi, MD. Ph.D.
Board Member / Board
Photo of Urmimala Sarkar, MD, MPH
Urmimala Sarkar, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF  / Advisors
Photo of Vince Law
Vince Law
Product Strategy Consultant  / Advisors
Photo of Will Coleman
Will Coleman
he/him/hisMarcoms Intern; Co-Creation Collective Member, Fall 2020  / Interns, Youth Council
Photo of William Rosenzweig
William Rosenzweig
Entrepreneur, Educator, Startup Advisor  / Advisors

Open Positions

We’re always looking for talented and passionate professionals. We encourage applicants from groups that have been historically under-represented in tech, research, and design.

Get in touch at careers@hopelab.org