Creating behavior-change tech for happier, healthier lives

As a social innovation lab, we are committed to supporting and improving the health and well-being of young people. We work with teens and young adults to co-create interventions grounded in behavioral science and human-centered design, conduct rigorous testing, and distribute these solutions in collaboration with partners.

Hope By Design

Hopelab uses the power of science and design to activate hope and generate solutions that measurably improve the health and happiness of teens and young adults. Watch this video to learn more about our co-design process.

Social Innovation At Hopelab

What exactly does social innovation mean? At Hopelab, we combine human-centered design and technology development with scientific rigor, and sprinkle in our secret ingredient: hope. We seek to realize a brighter future for young people and make the world a better place through our innovation framework. Watch this video to see how our lab works.