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Backpack Health

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Investment Date: November 2023

About Backpack Health

Backpack Health is a multilingual platform for managing health details, care, and communication. It’s designed to help people track their own health comprehensively, and do the same for the people they care about – no matter what their health concerns are, no matter what family means to them, and no matter what language they speak – all in one place.

Backpack Health’s Mission is to provide a service that makes it easy for everyone to access, own, and control their health information.


Why We Invested

With its focus on federally-insured youth and the majority of their patients and clinicians identifying as BIPOC, we believe that Backpack’s digital teletherapy and psychiatry solutions will expand quality access to mental healthcare for millions of diverse and low-income youth in America. Through its integrated technology platform, app, and therapist residency program, Backpack is improving the mental health provider access shortage for youth on Medicaid and is capable of scaling quickly with government payors while continuing to deliver high-quality care.