About Equip

Equip is the leading evidence-based virtual eating disorder treatment program on a mission to ensure that everyone with an eating disorder has access to treatment that works. Equip provides fully virtual, evidence-based treatment through a multidisciplinary care team (which includes a medical provider, therapist, dietitian, and trained mentors), allowing each patient to achieve full recovery without disrupting their life. Equip treats patients of all ages and diagnoses in all 50 states, and accepts most insurance plans.

I started Equip because eating disorders are treatable and full recovery is possible. In fact, people with eating disorders share powerful temperament traits that can be channeled in positive and life-changing ways when they’re given access to treatment that works. I’m living proof.
Kristina Saffran, Equip Co-Founder

Why We Invested

Equip is built upon a stellar combination of clinical expertise and lived experience to transform eating disorder care and make it accessible to all patients and families. Their clinical outcomes and commitment to health equity make them an ideal partner for Hopelab.