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Oui Therapeutics

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Investment Date: November 2023

About Oui Therapeutics

Oui Therapeutics develops prescription digital therapeutics to save lives and lower costs. The company’s purpose is to tackle suicide and other challenging healthcare problems using its expertise in scaling digital therapy and behavioral health companies and having a deep understanding of the payer ecosystem. Oui Therapeutics brings it together in a singular place with a singular purpose: Novel treatments for patients who have no accessible, good, or proven interventions.


Why We Invested

In conjunction with the significant emotional toll suicide imparts on the patient and their loved ones, the costs of suicide and suicide attempts in the U.S. are estimated at $94 Billion. Oui Therapeutics’ evidence-based suicide prevention solutions are explicitly designed for teens and young adults and have the efficacy and scale potential to reduce suicide attempts by 50% in five years, while no other clinically proven, scalable solutions to address suicide currently exist.