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Scenario (formerly Loop)

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Investment Date: April 2023

About Scenario (formerly Loop)

Scenario is changing how people manage everyday stress and anxiety with the use of hyper-realistic visualizations. By combining the science of visualization and AI, Scenario simulates real-life situations, helping to shift people from rumination and avoidance into productive problem-solving, skill-building, and emotional resilience. Scenario visualizations help boost confidence, improve interpersonal skills, and prepare individuals to deal with everyday situations head-on, like meeting new people or having a tough conversation with a friend or family member.

Why We Invested

Good social health is determined by our ability to form and sustain meaningful, high-quality relationships, which can lead to lower rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, substance use, chronic illness, and loneliness. By putting individuals on a path to creating healthy habits of social interaction, Scenario has the potential to help people improve confidence, connection, and well-being across many facets of their lives.