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Learn more about the behavior-change tech we’ve co-created with young people and our partners to help teens and young adults live happier, healthier lives. 


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imi computer and phone product on rainbow gradient


A free digital, research-backed mental health tool made with and for LGBTQ+ teens

imi supports and helps LGBTQ+ teens explore and affirm their identity and learn practical ways to cope with sexual and gender minority stress in ways that are helpful, relevant, inclusive, and joyful.

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Nod mobile example


An app that equips college students with science-backed skills to build satisfying social connections

Nod offers higher education leaders a research-backed tool they can confidently share with students, knowing it addresses two critical threats to student mental health: loneliness and depression.

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Quit the Hit

Quit the Hit

Featured Product

A 30-day intervention that teaches young people how to quit vaping through group chats on Instagram.

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A chatbot for young cancer survivors

An award-winning chatbot designed to support mental well-being in young people during the challenging period after cancer treatment.

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Goal Mama mobile application advertisement

Goal Mama

A goal-setting platform co-designed with the moms and nurses of Nurse-Family Partnership

The Goal Mama app helps first-time moms better-set goals, track progress, and celebrate success.

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Illustration showing two icons representing people with chat bubbles above their heads

Talk Vaping With Your Teen

Resources to help parents have conversations about ending teen e-cigarette use

Hopelab partnered with All Mental Health and the American Heart Association to develop this resource that gives parents trusted information about vaping and practical tips for having effective conversations with their teens.

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Young cancer patient plays Re-mission


The first video game scientifically proven to improve health outcomes for young people with cancer

Hopelab’s founding project came to life when co-founder Pam Omidyar was inspired to create a video game that might help young cancer patients with treatment compliance.

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Zamzee advertisement


A technology-based solution that increases physical activity among kids at scale

Lead with fun, health will follow. Zamzee harnesses motivational research to help kids kickstart physical activity and sustain that change over time.

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Mood Meter application screen

Mood Meter

An app that builds emotional intelligence

Based on decades of research from Yale, the Mood Meter app builds emotional intelligence and self awareness for yourself and others.

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Mitra application advertisement


An app that inspired ethical leadership

The Mitra App helps foster a new generation of leaders who act with integrity and positively impact their workforces, industries, and communities.

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