Meet the 30 Young Innovators

Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards

Meet the 30 winners of the Inaugural Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Awards Program created in partnership with Hopelab, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, and Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech. The 2023 winners are recognized for their contributions to access, awareness, and advancement of digital mental health care for young people in the U.S.

Arts & Media Category

My inspiration is my younger self, who would be thrilled that social media is a place where she can take care of her mental health.
Arielle Geismar

Activists & Influencers Category

If there was one thing that could change in mental health care, it would be for providers across fields and specialties to adopt a more compassionate and intersectional public health lens when working with people. Seeing them as a person above all else, rather than as a case study or for their symptoms alone.
Jorge Alvarez

Academia & Research Category

Andrea Paola Arana Yanez
Researcher and Evaluation Analyst at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Central Texas
Asli McCullers
Health Equity Research and Scholar at MedStar Health and University of Maryland
Audra Brulc
Community Initiatives Coordinator at Healthy Minds Policy Initiative
Bhav Jain
Stanford Medical Student and President of The Connected Foundation
Sojas Wagle
Medical student at Harvard Medical School
My superpower is seeking first to understand before being understood!
Bhav Jain

Entrepreneurship Category

Chipper Stotz
Head of Product at Nema Health
Akos Antwi
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Revive Therapeutic Services
Arbaaz Karim
Co-founder of Mentall
Carmine Di Marco
Director at the One Mind Accelerator
Jake Cooper
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Grow Therapy
Emily Gendreau
Corporate Business Development Trainer at Aware Recovery Care In Home Addiction Treatment
I’d like to see a continued shift in focus on treatment for special populations, like adolescents, the LGBTQIA+ community, and first responders, with increased primary care coordination and family and ally support.
Emily Gendreau

Technology & Innovation Category

I believe we need to invest more in understanding and uplifting culturally grounded healing and healers who carry ideas, methods, and approaches that can deeply resonate with underserved communities.
Mahmoud Khedr

Clinical Services Category

Breanna Myers
Child and Adolescent Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, faculty member of Embody Dance Conference
Bruny Kenou
Co-founder of DukeLine, founder of the Lay Mental Health Advocates
Devin Dihenia
Interim Associate Director of the DEIB program at Sharp HealthCare, Mental Health Consultant at ReflexAI
Luma Makari
Co-founder of Elggo
Shrenik Jain
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Marigold Health
I believe authenticity protects against burnout because it allows you to follow and find your purpose in almost anything you do. But in order to find your purpose, you have to do some experimenting and have an open mind.
Bruny Kenou
Eligibility Requirements
Young Innovators in Behavioral Health Award candidates had to be between the ages of 18-29 and based in the United States.
Each nominated emerging leader was evaluated based on their impact and influence in one or more of the following categories: academia/research, providers, clinical medicine, entrepreneurship, technology, activists/influencers, and media.