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Digital Crowdsourcing to Boost Adolescent and Young Adult Health

What it is

In collaboration with Dr. Tamara Taggart from George Washington University,  we’re examining the use of online crowdsourcing contests (like PrEP Your Step) and other forms of digital participatory action research to directly engage youth in the development of behavioral health interventions. This work will explore the effects of youth participation as a way to improve both community health campaigns and health outcomes for Black and Latinx young people.

Why it matters

This project will provide insights into the most impactful ways to support and engage young people in co-design at every stage of the technology—and intervention—development process, creating opportunities for meaningful contribution and improved health and well-being.

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kid with backpack and headphones

Over the course of two weeks, Hazel Health worked with the Hopelab Studio team to gather insights from young people to inform and improve the product design of Hazel HEART™.

Woman holding a baby and kissing its hand.

Over the course of two months, the teams discussed the overall strategy for developing and implementing the tool, landed on a process for choosing the right design and innovation firm for the project, and reviewed and clarified the product’s impact pathway.

smiling child with backpack

The UNICEF team engaged Hopelab in a two-day research and design workshop to share learnings on the benefits of help-giving and the power of prosocial motivation and ideate ways to the social-emotional effects of the Kid Power program.

Zamzee advertisement

Lead with fun, health will follow. Zamzee harnesses motivational research to help kids kickstart physical activity and sustain that change over time.