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Cancer-Fighting Gameplay: The Re-Mission 2 Trailer

Slice and dice! Seek and destroy! That’s what adolescent and young adult cancer patients told us they wanted to do to their disease. This new Re-Mission 2 trailer shows off some of that action in the games, but to get the full cancer-fighting experience you’ll have to spend some quality time blasting (and chomping, zapping and blowing up) cancer at (games go live April 29).

How did we decide on the gameplay styles? Hopelab worked with over 120 young adults and kids with cancer to develop Re-Mission 2, and when they spoke, we listened.  The action in each game was informed by insights from these game co-developers, who we met at hospitals all over the U.S. In fact, the Hopelab R&D team flew thousands of miles to find out exactly how cancer might be chopped and destroyed in a game for maximum fun.

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