About DynamiCare Health

DynamiCare Health is an evidence-based digital health company that empowers people to overcome addiction through motivation and accountability.

Too often, digital health innovations are only made available to those with employer-sponsored or commercial insurance. At DynamiCare, we have a strong focus on adapting our product, service, and business model to be able to serve the Medicaid population, where there is a huge need for our program. Over 60% of our members to date have been Medicaid beneficiaries.
Eric Gastfriend, Founder & CEO, DynamiCare Health

Why We Invested

Substance use and addiction are major issues negatively impacting the well-being of young people. We need new treatment approaches to bring new evidence and technologies to this serious societal change. DynamiCare makes contingency management, a gold standard intervention that has been widely tested and is known to work, accessible at scale via its innovative and proprietary tech platform.