About Koko

Koko uses AI and machine learning to make mental health and well-being accessible to everyone, especially young adults and underserved populations. Their mission is to reduce all barriers to accessing mental health interventions and believe interventions should be free, scalable, instant-access, and embedded seamlessly into the lives of the users.

Koko embeds free digital interventions directly into online platforms, reaching users where they are. They have built services for Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitch, Snap, and Kik, among others.

Koko started as a clinical trial at MIT and has since published seven peer-reviewed papers on their platform, including two randomized controlled trials. Learn more about their origin story here. Koko has reached more than 2 million people, mostly adolescents and of users who engage with the intervention, 71% feel more hopeful, 42% feel better about their bodies, and 67% feel less self-hatred.

Why We Invested

Koko embeds its digital services and machine learning technology directly into the platforms that millions of people use each day, so that everyone can have free, instant access to evidence-based mental health interventions. They have demonstrated meaningful health outcomes and are well-positioned for impact at scale.

Learn more about why this matters and the role online platforms can play in being part of a solution to the ongoing adolescent mental health crisis.

Read more about Koko’s Co-Founder, Rob Morris’ role as Entrepreneur in Residence at Hopelab.