About YourPath

YourPath is a systems solution for assisting families and individuals with issues related to substance use. Through our innovative services and ecosystem software platform, we offer immediate connection with effective, appropriate services that support recovery and healing.

Our goal is to be a resource that when anyone, anywhere in our country, when they reach out for help, culturally-appropriate and effective resources are at their fingertips. For too many people in our country, inequities across our society drive poor outcomes. Our specific focus on building for these populations first is what is allowing us to be effective, trusted partners.
Jordan Hansen, he/him, MA, LADC. Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Why We Invested

YourPath is a systems-focused intervention rooted in the lived experience, clinical expertise, and on-the-ground relationships of the team. By connecting all the systems that affect and support recovery, YourPath can improve quality, reduce costs, and most importantly route patients to care in real-time, at the moment they need it most.