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Photo of Julie Tinker

Julie Tinker


Principal Designer, Equity Innovation / Staff

Julie Tinker has spent her career working in social impact as a design thinker, strategist, and creator of health solutions, from health care products to educational app development to national and international print and video campaigns. Working with large foundations like the Kaiser Family Foundation to nonprofit organizations like International Planned Parenthood, to mission-driven corporations like Seventh Generation, she’s now excited to lead equity, innovation, and design initiatives at Hopelab. She’ll use her skills and interests in community health, health equity, behavioral science, and design to consider how we can build more equitable health outcomes for young people.

Julie holds a BA in Communication and MA in Sociology from Stanford University and an MFA in Design from The School of Visual Arts in New York. A former professional athlete, Julie has made health and wellness the center of her family’s life through exercise, time outdoors, music, and dancing like nobody’s watching.