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We all know that cancer sucks, our hope is that Vivibot can offer survivors some judgement-free advice to help them build resilience after cancer.

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a video-game intervention for improving adherence for adolescents and young adults with malignancies including acute leukemia, lymphoma, and soft-tissue sarcoma.

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In addition to expressing my gratitude, I’d like to share some advice drawn from my own experience with my son’s cancer, in the spirit of warmth and encouragement.

You are not alone

This is what it feels like transitioning back into life after treatment. A leap of faith, where this is no longer a safety net.

Avi Khanian

Everyone said there might be a chance that everything would get back to normal, but who’s to say what is actually normal. My name is Avi Khanian, and this is my cancer story.

Avi Khanian

Being a cancer survivor, I knew I could become a doctor that could relate to my patients. Empathy has always been my strong suit.

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Ten years later, Brittany takes a look back and considers how post-treatment and survivorship is different for everyone. This is her cancer journey.

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The objective of the current study was to examine social functioning among AYAs within the first 2 years after a cancer diagnosis and compare their scores with population norms and identify trajectories of social functioning over time and its correlates.

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Slice and dice! Seek and destroy! That’s what adolescent and young adult cancer patients told us they wanted to do to their disease.

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This pilot randomized controlled trial examined the feasibility of delivering positive psychology skills via the Vivibot chatbot and its effects on key psychosocial well-being outcomes in young adults treated for cancer.

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Clarissa was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just after her 21st birthday. She reflects on looking for care that matches her needs.

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Newly published research, sponsored by Hopelab, examining the social effects of cancer on the adolescent and young adult community was recently featured on “CBS This Morning.”