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Portfolio Spotlight: Dr. Travis Gayles, Chief Health Officer, Hazel Health

In partnership with Hazel Health

Providing Culturally Relevant Care

Hopelab invested in Hazel Health in June 2021, recognizing the opportunity telehealth provides in helping eliminate barriers to quality care for school-aged children. Hazel partners with schools to connect families to local health resources and advises on the next steps to maintain continuity in care delivery. Alongside Hopelab, Hazel’s team is working to measure impact and equity as they create and foster an environment to deliver culturally competent care at scale. Dr. Travis Gayles, Hazel’s Chief Officer, shares his thoughts on the benefits of creating a culture of prevention.

Learn More About Hazel

Hazel Health is the nation’s leading K-12 telehealth provider, partnering with schools and families to provide high-quality virtual physical and mental health care for students. Care is provided at no out-of-pocket costs to families and is accessible from school or home. Explore more at

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