Implementing Goal Mama: Barriers and Facilitators to Introducing Mobile Health Technology in a Public Health Nurse Home-Visiting Program


The present study explores barriers and facilitators experienced by public health nurses introducing a mobile health technology platform (Goal Mama) to the Nurse-Family Partnership home-visiting program. Goal Mama is a HIPAA-compliant goal-coaching and visit preparation platform that clients and nurses use together to set and track goals. Forty-two nurses across five sites, including urban, suburban, and rural communities, piloted the platform with clients for 6 months. The mixed method, QUAL+quan pilot evaluation focused on deeply understanding the implementation process. Data were analyzed via iterative content analysis and multivariate regression analysis, and triangulated to identify salient findings. Over 6 months of use participants identified critical areas for product and implementation improvement, but still viewed the platform favorably. Key opportunities for improving sustained use revolved around supporting the technological and programmatic integration needed to lower key barriers and further facilitate implementation.

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