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Phuong Pham


Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy / Staff

Phuong Pham is a creative working at the intersection of digital media and philanthropy. As Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy, she helps lead efforts to effectively tell the Hopelab story and shift narratives around youth mental health.

Prior to joining Hopelab, Phuong led a creative team at SoCal Grantmakers — using storytelling, cultural strategies, design, and data to shift power and narratives in philanthropy. Previously, she managed digital strategies at Mission Investors Exchange and was in charge of the Vilcek Prize programs at the Vilcek Foundation.

Phuong has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Hollins University and a master’s degree in Political Science from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

As an immigrant who moved to three continents in the past 15 years, Phuong is intentional about nurturing her community. Phuong is an avid cook and dreams of creating a community space that inspires others to eat well. She believes in the healing power of food and enjoys bringing people together around her dinner table.

Content written by Phuong Pham

This research looks at how teens and young people are embracing online mental health tools — from social media to therapy and mental health apps — as resources for seeking support and managing their own mental health and well-being.

This study shows that while social media continues to pose risks, it also plays a beneficial role in supporting the mental health and well-being of young people — especially those from marginalized communities.