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Hopelab Studio works with partners to co-create mental health products and services for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth.

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We are designers, strategists, and researchers who co-create with and for young people to make affirming mental health solutions—especially in historically underserved communities.

Studio Services

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Our team of interdisciplinary scientists and behavioral health experts is skilled in intervention ideation, youth co-creation, prototyping, behavioral science, and user testing. We conduct research within communities to help advance impact, adapt offerings, and improve equitable health outcomes.

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Youthlab envisions a world where young people’s unique identities and roles in society and valued, listened to, and invested in. We invite young people (ages 13-26) to co-create with us and our partners to develop solutions that will advance youth mental health and well-being.

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We collaborate with partners in a variety of ways to help improve offerings that are equitable, efficacious, and viable. From capacity-building with a human-centered approach to designing thinking and prototyping digital offerings to thought partnership, each engagement is bespoke.

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Studio Projects

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Featured Content

LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Together we can shape a future where LGBTQ+ youth can thrive. Dive into our process and explore the data behind the co-creation, launch, and early impact metrics of imi guide.

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Over the course of two weeks, Hazel Health worked with the Hopelab Studio team to gather insights from young people to inform and improve the product design of Hazel HEART™.

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Read the results of a randomized control trial conducted on imi, a free, mental health web app, designed to help LGBTQ+ youth cope with stress.

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In partnership with CenterLink

imi supports and helps LGBTQ+ teens explore and affirm their identity and learn practical ways to cope with sexual and gender minority stress in ways that are helpful, relevant, inclusive, and joyful.

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Quit the Hit

In partnership with Rescue Agency

A 30-day intervention that teaches young people how to quit vaping through group chats on Instagram.

Studio Resource Guides

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Partnering with youth is a critical aspect of creating impactful products, services, and experiences that center on the specific needs and preferences of young people. This guide offers resources, tips, and tools to learn more about co-creation with and for youth.

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Prototyping is essential in creating inclusive, supportive, and innovative ideas. This guide offers resources and tools Hopelab uses to ensure we’re testing and learning before investing too far into ideas or projects.