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Mental Health Resources to Build Resilience in 2021

To say it’s been a rocky start to 2021 would be an understatement.

While I certainly didn’t expect COVID to magically disappear, nor the political seas to calm the moment the calendar turned to 2021, my wrecked nerves still hoped that the early days of the new year would somehow provide a small respite from the turbulence of 2020. The events of last year were unlike anything in our lifetimes. To be honest, my expectations for a time-bound resolution feel like my privilege talking. I acknowledge that with the deepest part of me. I have access to mental health resources and paid time off, to shelter and food, and to loving connections with my friends and family. And still, I am reeling from the pain, suffering, death, and disparities that we face in this country. I know many of you are, too. And while days feel dark right now, I’m reaching for audacious things, like hope and resilience, because I have to believe in something bigger than myself. It’s ok to feel not ok; appropriate, even. And there are resources available to help. 

2020 reminded us of the principle of resilience—that without adversity, hope cannot emerge. 2021 reminds us that adversity is an enduring state, and our work does not end because we are uncomfortable. We must recommit to the long work of creating solutions and resources that directly counteract inequity. As an organization focused on the well-being of young people, Hopelab has curated a list of mental health resources that can help provide needed support during these tenuous times. We hope you find these useful and invite you to share them with anyone that may need help. 

Take care of yourselves so you can take care of others.

If you think you or a loved one are having a medical or psychiatric emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital. 

If you have a resource or organization to be added, please email 

* February 2021 — this post has been updated to include BIPoC mental health resources. 

Resources for Teens & Young Adults

The Jed Foundation 

Committed to the mental and emotional health of college students and preventing suicide among this population.

Resiliency Skills Training 

An evidence-based program that reduces stress, anxiety, and depression by engaging participants in a range of resilience-building activities. 

Addiction Resource Hotline

A medically-reviewed drug and alcohol abuse hotline

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources

CenterLink LGBT Community Center Directory


The Trevor Project

Call, Chat, or Text 24/7 with a counselor who understands LGBTQ+ issues

National Queer and Transgender Therapists of Color

Advancing healing justice by transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color

Q Chat Space 

A community for LGBTQ+ teens

BIPOC Resources

Black Mental Wellness 

Founded by a team of Black psychologists to offer mental health insights via Instagram

Brown Girl Self Care 

This feed helps Black women heal from trauma through the practice of self-care

The Shine App 

A daily self-care app created by people of color

The Loveland Foundation 

Founded by writer and activist Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation works to make mental health care more accessible for Black women and girls

Stop AAPI Hate 

Report a hate incident

Directories and networks for finding a Black or allied therapist 

Black Female Therapists

Inclusive Therapists

and its directory specifically of therapists offering reduced-fee teletherapy

LGBTQ Psychotherapists of Color in California

The Association of Black Psychologists

Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Men

Therapy for Queer People of Color

Mental Health America 

References for Native and Indigenous Communities 

National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Indigenous Resources 

Asian Mental Health Collective 

Asian Pacific COVID Recovery Fund  


General Resources

Psychology Today

Find a Therapist

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Crisis Text Line

Resources for Activists

In Our Blood

A Guide For Detecting, Exercising, and Replenishing Your Inner Activist

Democracy Fund 

An independent and nonpartisan, private foundation that confronts deep-rooted challenges in American democracy while defending against new threats.

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